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Immersive technology and talking therapies

reducing workplace stress and Taking you to a new destination

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Work related stress can have long term negative impact on the physical and emotional health of employees as well as negatively impacting employee performance and decreasing productivity.

Talk and Teleport is a workplace wellbeing intervention, using facilitated immersive technology to improve mood and reduce stress levels in a workplace environment.


Technology for good

EVIDENCE based talking therapies aND immersive 


During the 30-minute session, employees are guided through relaxing Virtual Reality (VR) scenes and are provided with a space to discuss any challenges they may be facing, with our experienced facilitators. Approaches are based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Art Therapy and Narrative Therapy.


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15 minutes of talking therapies

15 minutes of Virtual Reality

Prevent burn out

Reduces worries and anxiety

Develop practical skills of managing stress

Improves motivation 

safe space to talk  




A workplace VR health initiative was offered to different companies. The study involved 33 participants from 8 organisations. Participants completed a measure of mood pre and post the VR intervention and HR was measured at regular time points throughout.

Results indicate that in just a short time, experiencing relaxing VR can have positive improvements in psychological and physiological parameters.


Overall HR reduced by an average of 13BPM as measured pre and post the VR intervention.


69% of participants reported that they felt less worried post the VR intervention using a standard scale.


75% of participants reported feeling less anxious following the VR intervention.


66% of participants reported feeling less ‘worn out’ following the VR intervention.

From Our first cohort

Feedback from people who tried it

“I feel 100% more relaxed! I feel like I have been on holiday!” (MN aged 29).

“[I felt] sluggish beforehand, afterwards i’m feeling alert and refreshed” (RP, aged 22).

“Before I was a little stressed out and a little anxious and tired. Afterwards, I feel more awake, less stressed and less anxious!” (PR, aged 30).

“Before I felt a bit apprehensive and a bit tired but now I feel completely chilled out. I am a bit of a worrier but when I am doing this it takes me to another place.” (JC, aged 68).



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